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Let Us Tell You Our Story

From the Beginning...

There are many spas available on the market, but they lack one critical factor—they were not designed by doctors. Medical Spas™ provides actual documentations about how therapeutic they are, and can help millions of people with their painful conditions. We were surprised that no one has made a true medical sauna. After years of research in the spa industry, we decided to develop a new company based around new medical research and innovations. After our breakthrough, we engineered a spa that dramatically helps relieve the majority of the pain in your body, and experience a type of relief that you have never experienced before. We call this new line of spas, Medical Spas™.

Our Development Process

Before we built our spas we tried, tested, and heavily researched all the leading spas on the market, and the results we found were frightening. Most of the spas being sold today miss the whole point of being medical. A great spa should help relieve pain, improve joint health and reduce arthritic pain at a minimum. Unfortunately, most spas fail to meet this basic threshold.

Our spas offer the massage features that you need to feel at your very best. We are a direct manufacturer of the spas we sell. As perfectionists we are in control of the product from start to finish, and there is no middleman to compromise our vision. You can purchase our spas directly from us with confidence knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.

Many of our competitors offer spas that are poorly made or that are missing key features. The Medical Spa™ series are made with materials and manufacturing practices that are second to none, in world class facilities. We spared no expense when it came to making our spas that can help you take control of your health.

It's our mission to help you improve your mental and physical health with all the benefits that Medical Spas™ has to offer. We are proud to finally unveil our spas with true medical benefits - A Medical Doctor's Spa.