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To help you decide for yourself how effective Medical Spas are, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Medical Spas.

Terry W., Chicago, IL

"After we installed the spa we found we were using it a lot more than we ever expected. It's a great way to get away from work and stress and spend time together."

Sue Y., Phoenix, AZ

Excellent product and service from start to finish the guys at Medical Spa made everything simple from start to the end of the install and beyond I could not be happier


Jen M., Napa, CA

We're in love with our new Medical Spa! It's one of the best investments we've made in our health and well-being. So relaxing, so soothing ... so efficient and economical. I almost can't believe how little power it consumes, even operating around the clock. Thanks, Medical Spa, for building a fantastic product.

Tamara M., Corona, CA

After an easy assembly everything was in working order. Well made, very sturdy. Looks and works GREAT! Absolutely love this Sauna!

Sam M., Delray Beach, FL

Bought Medical Spa series tub recently. Very easy to use and maintain. Very large and roomy. I have had in excess of ten grand children in tub at one time. They seem to like the tub more than my new pool. Very relaxing. Great appearance. Special thx to Bryan who sold tub to me. Easy to reach. Great customer service!!!

Cindy S., Knoxville, TN

Absolutely everything I expected and more. We get in the spa every night and enjoy it so much.


April A., San Mateo, CA

We have been loving our new spa! Lindsee was so helpful when we picked out our spa. We have been spending almost every evening we are home relaxing in it. I love the jet massagers and how they are different. We absolutely love it!

Robert G., Chicago, IL

We have used our spa nearly every day since buying it. It is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day! We have watched sunsets and fireworks from the spa. We also put a firepit nearby, so it is the place everyone wants to go and relax.

Hollie B., Tahoe, CA

Our Medical 5 spa is the best investment we've ever made and has changed our lives. We had such a great experience from the showroom to the install. Our sales gal Lyndee was the best and helped us find the perfect spa for our family.

Al S., San Antonio, TX

Dan did an excellent job of providing us with information about our spa choice. The crew was very professional with the delivery. We LOVE the spa we chose and are very happy with everyone we worked with at Medical Spa business.


Jeremy L., Jacksonville, FL

Having owned 2 previous spas, we pretty much knew what we liked and didn't like. Medical Spa was "shopped" against 2 other excellent competitors. I am a "research" buyer and only make a choice after I have as many of the facts as possible. Construction and design are the key criteria. If you've ever paid for maintenance, you know how important a selection of manufacturers is. Medical Spa impressed me with the fact of many components like the heater element and ozoneator.

The frame structure is also unique and seems designed to last.

Brenna J., Memphis, TN

My new Medical spa is just like a little bit of Heaven on earth! It's just like having my own private massage every day! Fabulous! A continuing wonderful experience. So therapeutic!
Easy to maintain and quarterly draining and cleaning so easy. Highly recommend this Spa by Medical Spas!


Melody A., Portland, OR

We have spent our time in many hot tub spas over the last 5 years. We have done a lot of research! We just purchased a Medical Spa, hands down the best, most powerful, relaxing spa we have ever been in! The greatest purchase ever for our health and relaxation! The best hands down!! Thank you!

Sherry N., Omaha, NE

The spa has changed my life literally. I sleep better. I feel better. It is a stress reducer and the muscle tightness I feel in my neck and back is substantially reduced. I can't believe I lived this long without it. There is also a massive difference between a Medical Spas and others. Once you go with a Medical Spa you can never enjoy another spa again.

Mimi H., Tampa, FL

In the process of shopping for a hot tub and looking at dozens of brands, I came across Medical Spas. And I'm glad I did. I'd be kicking myself if I had bought another brand and then saw these.
Now that I have used it several times, I can say that this spa is the most powerful I've ever used. It’s like a massage. The build quality is excellent, with high quality pumps, excellent purification, and durable design/construction. This is one of those rare products that exceeds expectation, and I could not be happier with it.
Anyone looking for a hot tub should at least take a serious look at the Medical Spa brand, since they are so unique and offer many advantages. If they were a traded company, I’d buy stock as I’m convinced that this will soon be the #1 selling spa. I guess you can take that as my highest recommendation

Carl B., Riverside, CA

I've been in it every day... It gives me a perfect breather from the day and my sleeping has improved.

Patricia O., Henderson, NV

We love this spa. I looked and looked at many different designs in stores, online and at a spa and leisure show. I have a small deck (approx 12'x12') as I live in a condo and wanted something that could fit tucked away and still allow me to use my deck for BBQ's and enjoying the outside. This spa fit the bill. We are very happy with this purchase.

Michele S., Newark, NJ

After doing extensive research on hot tub brands and also talking to friends who are Medical Spa owners, it was obvious that a Medical Spa was the way to go. It's only been two months since we purchased our Spa and we have enjoyed every minute that we spend in it. Our friends, neighbors and family (especially my grandchildren) have all experienced the fun and relaxation that our Medical Spa provides. Needless to say, we are very pleased and happy with our Medical Spa purchase and we look forward to many years of enjoyment, relaxation and sheer pleasure.

Ron G., San Jose, CA

Much better than we imagined. Love the massage jets. Great quality!! Super happy!!

Ralph O., Boston, MA

My wife and I are first time Hot Tub owners at the grand old age of 60. Kids out of College and married! We did our homework and shopped around and looked at various manufacturers. I am also an Engineer with an understanding of structural design, thermo dynamics, fluid dynamics, and systems design. I appreciate simplistic yet functional design and it is very energy efficient thru design. I also appreciate the thinking out side the box with some of the innovations.

Dahlia L., Seattle, WA

I replaced another spa with this one, best decision I've made. Now with the jet massage system I can have any type of massage I want in my favorite seat. It is well insulated and very quiet, I look forward to relaxing in it everyday. Before you buy a spa, check out Medical Spa, nobody else is even close.

Gilbert C., Glendale, CA

We love our new spa...it has been exactly what we were looking for as a family.

Amanda L., Orange, CA

I have been very pleased with the entire process of buying, ordering and delivery of my new spa. Everyone at Medical Spa has provided first rate service. I have used my spa for almost an entire year, and continue to enjoy it almost every day. The care and maintenance is very straight forward. I would recommend Medical Spa to anyone interested in a new or replacement spa.

Lewis T., Las Vegas, NV

We love our Medical Spa. It is such a beautiful spa and we love the different jet packs. We use our spa just about every day and do not go 2 days in a row without using it. We have the larger spa that seats 6-8 people, is very spacious. We have a large family, many kids and grandkids, and they love to use our spa. We are very happy with our Medical Spa.

Kathleen D., Modesto, CA

The spa is a great way for my husband and me to relax and connect at the end of the day.

Ben S., New York, NY

I purchased the Medical 5 after owning a another spa for many years. I was very impressed with the construction, but what absolutely sold me was the therapeutic benefits of the massage jets. In my old spa, I had a few "favorite seats" - in this spa, every seat is amazing. There is no other spa that offers this. Amazing!

Trinay P., Los Angeles, CA

Love Love LOVE this spa. Have had it a year now and absolutely no problems. Very easy to maintain and keep all water parameters within normal limits!

Nathan P., Las Vegas, NV

Last night I used it for the 5th straight day. Be careful and work your self up slowly.
It is awesome so far. The panels just soak your skin with luxuriant heat.
The only thing I can say is that I wish I had gotten it sooner!
My wife and I wanted a place to relax and unwind and this is the answer.

Meg C., Winooski, VT

Medical 5 is definitely not what I expected. I have always thought of all saunas as a really comfortable way to heat up and relax but I never imagined that I can actually feel better after it. It blew me away! After a few sessions I can already tell I’ve been in a much better mood. It works better than any other sauna I have tried in the past.

Neelima H., Tempe, AZ

I had been buying sessions at a local spa when I decided to look into purchasing one myself, so I copied all the info on the one at the spa and went looking to buy the same one. I figured since there are so many on the market why not buy the same brand you have used and liked so that’s what I did. Last week I ordered it online and with in a couple of days it was here!!! incredible. Then in less than one hour it was all but together and ready for use. I could not be happier, first of all I found the very best price and also the service was great.

Lauren T., Los Angeles, CA

We love our new Sauna. I think it was one of the best investments we could have made…. My husband and kids are going into it nearly every night. It takes the chill out of those days where the weather doesn’t get very warm.

Andrea Y., Sacramento, CA

I ordered a sauna and it continues to be a great treasure in my life. I ordered it mainly for a skin condition, which is nearly full healed now, thanks primarily to the sauna, which has proved a greater therapy than all the dietary and natural topical treatments put together. Please let me say thanks, many times over, and I wish you a very happy upcoming holiday season.

Richard D., San Diego, CA

The best there is.
If you haven’t ordered one, order one now. You won’t regret it.

Molly I., Mount Pleasant, PA

“Took care of the shoulder pain so no more cortisone injections! Mom’s back pain way better! Skin clearer! AND AWESOME SLEEP! less snoring, less tossing around at night but amazingly less pain throughout my body. I use a mini ipod with my relaxing music so it’s a great de-stressor after work. I love this unit so much and I’m able to breathe easily in this larger unit as opposed to the one person sauna I’ve had in the past. Buy this…you won’t regret.”

Mark H., San Francisco, CA

I have never felt better mentally or physically. As a long time user of Medical Spas, my sleep has gotten so much better. I don’t wake up during the night anymore. I even got my parents to buy one for themselves after they tried mine a few times. I advise anybody to get this sauna. So happy to have it.

Nicole T.,Indianapolis, IN

My sauna is up and running as of last night and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am. One of my massage clients had the privilege of using it today even before I did. As soon as she left I was in it and I’m as impressed as she was – I’m pretty confident you will be hearing from her soon.

Kristen R.,Plano, TX

You know, it’s been I think like three weeks since our sauna arrived and I apologize that I’ve yet to sit down and tell you “thank you” SO much for providing such an incredible product! Until yesterday, I had not missed even ONE day of relaxing in this gorgeous sauna…and since I did miss yesterday, you can bet that it’s warming up right now as I type this to you. You were so helpful as I took so long making my decision. This is truly a beautifully built piece of furniture. All I can say is that the design is absolutely ingenious.
I’m amazed that I set the temp and timer, and then I make some tea…I usually wait about 15 minutes, get in and within another 10 -15 minutes I am sweating like crazy. I’ve been staying in between 40 and 60 minutes. It is glorious. I just really want you to know how thrilled I’ve been with the sauna.

David C., San Jose, CA

My favorite part is literally how much sweat comes from my body. It says that the toxins from my body are escaping because of that sweat but I wasn’t sure if this was true. I asked my doctor and she said this is the case. It makes me feel like I got more from this sauna than I ever would have expected. Awesome!

Joseph S., Garland, TX

I’ve come to enjoy the ritual of the sauna. After my 20 minutes zipped up whatever stresses I feel in me dissolve and I am calm. I follow with a shower beginning with lukewarm water and finishing with a cold blast that makes my skin feels brand new.

Andrea B.,Henderson, NV

I am so happy with this purchase. I have wanted a Sauna because of the health benefits so I was searching for great reviews and price. I was also concerned with size and this was perfect for my small extra room. The design is simple and should be easy for most to put together. Delivery was fast and the customer service was there to help. I am enjoying the sauna daily and the heat is just right and adjustable. I am so glad that I did my research and got this sauna.

Renee A.,Santa Monica, CA

My muscles were very tight…I did yoga the day before and it feels great…the regular saunas at the gym make me uncomfortable…I’ve had chronic issues with my back for 15 years…right now I feel very loose and all I did was sit in the sauna for five minutes…it’s pretty amazing…I love it!